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Dear Friends,


And so the lockdown continues. There are, of course, signs of restrictions beginning to relax but for many of us, life is still unsettling. Positively, over this period, there has more time than usual for reflection and spiritual growth – I do hope you are making the most of the resources available, either online, or enjoying the programming on TV or the radio. More books are being read, and more telephone conversations taking place than ever before. More people are also showing an interest in God, so we need to be prepared to share the hope that is ours!


And what better season for it than Pentecost - the time when we celebrate as a Church the new start, the new empowerment and the new friendship that was ours when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon God’s people. He is still being poured out today – in the lives of any who seek Him. One of His many blessings to is equip believers in their ministry – to share the good news of Jesus far and wide. And one way believers have always shared in fellowship together is through small groups, which is certainly not a new concept! In fact, we see in Acts 2 that the first-century church relied on them as “Every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the temple, and broke bread from house to house” (Acts 2:46). We see such groups throughout church history, indeed the Methodist movement was founded upon them. Many churches today still see small groups as integral to discipleship.


(For more encouragement about meeting in small groups, please see the new page about just this.)


However you spend your Pentecost season, I pray it will be filled with His refreshment and renewal, as we look forward together, about better days to come.



Every blessing in Him, Rev Amanda